Highway 12 Sauvignon Blanc

We love Sauvignon Blanc and after a few years of vineyard experimentation, we have found our single vineyard source that supports the expression and character we believe in. The arrangement for this wine is simple; a single vineyard source, straightforward winemaking protocols with a few twists.

The winemaking team called for a mid-harvest pick to encourage riper flavors yet maintaining ideal acid levels for structure. While the wine was mostly fermented and aged in stainless steel we set aside a small lot for barrel fermentation and barrel aging, all neutral. The result is a wine exhibiting vibrant flavors of melon, guava and apricot with a shiny, bright finish. Vineyard selection here shows why Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc can be so rewarding.

In the northern part of our Sonoma Valley sits the tiny village of Kenwood, home to world class vineyards and industry pioneers. One particular vineyard of note is MacLeod Family Vineyards located at the foot of Sonoma Mountain, just west of State Route Highway 12.

$15.50 /750ml

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